Promoting Wellbeing – Part 1

Wellbeing is a term often used in today’s world, and it’s great to see it being so focused on in many aspects of our lives.

But do we really understand what the term means?

How do we know if our wellbeing is a concern?

Over 3 articles, we will explore wellbeing and the range of dimensions it involves. We’ll also look into ways of boosting wellbeing and how natural therapies can play a role in this.

What is wellbeing?

Co-founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), Dr Bill Hettler, defines 6 dimensions of wellbeing [1] as:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Occupational
  • Social
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

In this first article, we will focus on the first 2 dimensions.

Physical Wellbeing

We all need regular physical activity. It helps manage the health of our brains, weight, bone strength and can reduce the risk of a number of diseases. [2] Being aware of what we put in our bodies, food, drink and drugs/medications is also important.

To be physically well, we take responsibility for our health including understanding when medical help may be needed and how to manage advice or instructions given by a health professional. We understand our bodies and are more aware of when there is a problem and how to deal with this.

As a result, feelings of self-esteem can be higher, giving us a sense of contentment.

We can develop our physical wellbeing by taking part in regular achievable exercise, staying hydrated to help our systems to function effectively, and by being actively responsive to changes in our body and its functions.

Emotional Wellbeing

This dimension concentrates on our ability to cope with everyday life events effectively and to manage how we react to situations. When we are emotionally well, we understand our limitations and don’t let these overwhelm us.

We feel positively about the future and take responsibility for our behaviour. The aim is also to be able to form trusting and respectful relationships, and to express ourselves openly with others.

Ensuring we have adequate sleep, spending time with important people in our lives and keeping a gratitude journal are all ways in which we can improve emotional health.

How can natural therapies help improve wellbeing?

Aromatherapy uses our sense of smell or absorption through the skin to reap the benefits of essential oils. There are a variety of oils which can help to boost wellbeing and, with a range of application methods, versatility is an added bonus of this therapy.

Boost physical wellbeing

Yoga can benefit our physical health in a number of ways including reducing body pains, improving sleep and heart health. Aromacare offers a range of essential oil blends to support you during yoga routines.

For example, to increase energy levels, enjoy this blend.

To calm an active mind, savour our lavender, rosewood and sandalwood blend.


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To promote a better sleep and feelings of relaxation, you’ll love Aromacare’s Night Time Massage and Body Oil. Ease tight muscles and generally enjoy the benefits of massage.

Caring for our skin is a vital element of physical wellness. Hydrate dry and aging skin with this soothing face cream.

Boost emotional wellbeing

As well as being physically valuable, practicing yoga can ease stress and anxiety, and increase mindfulness, all of which lead to improved wellbeing.

Using Aromacare’s Harmony blend will help stabilize emotions and reduce negative thoughts.

The beautiful scent of the Earth Chakra Blend will help to balance emotions and promote vitality. Use the handy roller ball to apply oil behind the ears, on the insides of wrists or on the temples to encourage absorption. [3]


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Taking time for yourself is fundamental in nurturing your wellbeing. Try to factor self-care time into your daily routine to truly reap the benefits of wellness.

We love hearing from you so contact us with any questions you have on dealing with wellbeing. Look out for next month’s blog which will continue exploring this topic through the dimensions of occupational and social wellbeing.

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[2] Benefits of Physical Activity

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