Our Values

Products made with natural ingredients

Aromacare is committed to creating a unique range of products made from natural ingredients. Our products are formulated using pure essential oils and other plant-derived ingredients including natural preservatives which are petroleum, sulphate and paraben free.

Support for animal welfare

Aromacare contributes to various animal organisations including:

  • Free the Bears 
  • Choose Cruelty Free, 
  • Voiceless: the Animal Protection Institute,
  • Animals Australia: the Voice for Animals, and
  • Edgar’s Mission

 We love animals and under no circumstances would allow testing on our fellow inhabitants.  For that reason Aromacare is a committed and accredited member of Choose Cruelty Free.

Quality products at competitive pricing

Aromacare’s natural products are affordable and accessible to most Australians. This is something our customers value.

Exceptional customer service

  • Our products are tailored to meet our client’s needs. We listen to your problems and work on establishing products that help to solve these.
  • We deliver your orders of aromatherapy products promptly to your home, work, health care facility or elsewhere in Australia or overseas.
  • Need a solution? Whether you have a cold, unable to sleep or you are feeling anxious, contact us on Facebook to find out which products may be suitable. Our qualified Aromatherapists are on hand to suggest products that may just solve your problem.

Made In Australia

We are proud to make our products in Australia and wouldn’t have it any other way! Making our products in this country allows us to be absolutely sure of the ingredients and manufacturing processes.  All our products are made under the strict supervision of our founder, Rosemary Lamb.


We use 100% recyclable PET bottles and lids and use recyclable packaging in all possible instances. Even our gift boxes are made with recyclable material.