About Us

Our World Of Aromas

We all know the delight of a walk in the garden or bush – the smell of roses, of orange blossom and geranium leaves or of lavender flowers rubbed through fingers, the intense scent of eucalyptus gum leaves, of basil, and the aromas of rosemary and new mown grass. These plants’ aromas and myriads of others are derived from their essential oils. It is these pure plant oils that form the foundation for aromatherapy’s health and healing practices and Aromacare’s products. 

About Aromacare

Aromacare exists because of Rosemary Lamb’s inspiration and drive over 20 years. The development impetus emerged from a career shift, an education in health and healing and a brand new, passionate purpose for aromatherapy. Rosemary’s knowledge and business acumen converged to produce aromatherapy products and services for the health care sector, primarily the Aged Care Industry. 

Now, through massage and therapeutic essentials oils, our team of qualified aromatherapists establish valuable client relationships, the result is many more, older people have access to the pleasures and healing support of this aromatic therapy. Today, Rosemary is the director of Aromatic Essentials Australia Pty Ltd trading as Aromacare. Our head office is in Melbourne with a staff of 5, and our qualified aromatherapist team provide aromatherapy programs, care staff training and support, in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. 

Beyond our work with older people, we offer you and people of all ages, an amazing range of aromatherapy products. 

Meet our team

Rosemary Lamb

Director / Founder

A wearer of many hats and the creator of Aromacare’s products, this leader is imaginative, quietly resolute, has a great sense of humour and will find solutions to for you. Heaven is with her dogs in the garden or walking by the sea.