Aromatherapy in Palliative Care

 Aromatherapy is frequently used as a form of supportive therapy in palliative care, often in conjunction with massage. It has a low risk of adverse effects, and we have seen the contributions aromatherapy has made to people’s quality of life at this significant stage.  

Aromatherapy helps to:

  • Manage pain
  • Improve moods enabling a re-engagement in the pleasures of life
  • Increase appetite through the use of appetite stimulating blends
  • Promote sleep at night by using calming essential oils and massage
  • Reduce anxiety, fear, and depression
  • Improve skin quality, reducing skin tears and discomfort
  • Improve circulation with warming essential oil products and massage

Learn more about how essential oils and massage can help people receiving palliative care in this short clip.

      Supportive Research and Recommended products:

      Aromatherapy in palliative care contributes to person's quality of life by providing the aroma-therapeutic interventions which relieve pain, anxiety, depression, support and enhance physical, psychosocial and spiritual wellbeing.
      Research supports the use of Aromatherapy for these and many other purposes.  Studies have shown that:

      • Lavender and Rosemary may affect mood, anxiety levels, and alertness positively[1]  and Orange and Lavender have been found to significantly reduce anxiety and improve mood too[2]   
      Recommended Product: Palliative Care Kit Ideal for Aged Care and Palliative Care units
      • Designed specifically to meet the needs of people who are receiving palliative care or at the point of actively dying. The collection includes essential oil blends to reduce anxiety, enhance mood and promote a sense of wellbeing, massage oils to reduce muscle tension, relax and relieve joint pain and a significant range of skin care products to increase hydration, maintain integrity and repair damaged skin.


      Recommended Product:  Uplifting Pure Essential Oil and/or Massage and Body Oil

      • A massage combined with essential oils of Lavender, Chamomile, Orange and Geranium has been shown to have positive effects on people with depression[3]

       Recommended Product: Relaxation Pure Essential Oil Blend or Massage and Body Oil 

      • Twice daily moisturisation has been shown to reduce the number of skin tears by almost 50% in residents living in Aged Care homes[4] 

      Recommended Product: Skin Repair Cream

      1] Diego, MA[2] Lehrner, J[3] Yim V[4] Carville K

      Aromacare's top tip for introducing Aromatherapy to End of Life and Palliative Care

      There are a number of ways you can introduce aromatherapy into end of life and palliative care programs. In our experience great benefits have been gained using warmed aromatic cloths to bathe the hands, arms, feet and legs followed by the therapeutic application of massage using relaxing or pain relieving massage blends and creams.   

      An education session for care staff delivered by a qualified aromatherapist will support your care team by providing the fundamental knowledge required to provide aromatherapy for palliative care clients.
      Call us on 03 9572 4791 to find out more 

      On request, Aromacare can include recommendations on how to prepare and use aromatic cloths with your residents in a safe and effective manner.

      Featured Products for Palliative and End of Life care

      Palliative Care Kit

      Ideal for Aged Care and Palliative Care units

      Designed specifically to meet the needs of people who are unwell and people receiving palliative care. The collection includes a significant range of skin care products to repair damaged skin, increase hydration and maintain integrity; massage oils to reduce muscle tension, relax and relieve joint pain and essential oil blends to reduce anxiety, enhance mood and promote wellbeing.

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      Soothing Pure Essential Oil Blend

      Ideal for Soothing anxiety and balancing emotions

      This centreing blend calms anxiety and reduces agitation, helping to balance emotions. This pure essential oil blend is useful for people receiving palliative care as well as family members who are dealing with their own feelings of impending loss. 

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      Appetite Stimulating Pure Essential Oil Blend

      Ideal for Uplifting mood and stimulating appetite prior to meal times

      The pure essential oils chosen for our Appetite Stimulating products are selected for their known abilities to simulate the salivary glands in readiness for meal time and their uplifting therapeutic effect.

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      Stress Reducing Massage and Body Oil

      Ideal for Calming the mind

      This Stress reducing Massage and body oil calms the nervous system and promotes relaxation.

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      Skin Repair Cream

      Ideal for itchy, dry skin, bruising and skin integrity

      Reduces skin inflammation, increases skin hydration and elasticity and expedites healing to damaged, bruised skin. This cream contains the added healing ingredients of Calendula, Arnica, Lavindin Super and Geranium essential oils, all known to promote optimal healing of damaged skin.

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