Touch Therapy

Touch has played an important part in human life from the time we are born and held in the arms of another human. Throughout life we may experience touch on different levels, giving and receiving this important means of communication. We also learn the kind and reassuring touch that tells us we are safe when we are in strange or different environment. I am here for you can be said without words.

A strong sensory nurturing communication with touch is also conveyed when we hold our children, family, friends, or someone is distressed, and our animals.

Older people can experience less touch when partners die, family members aren't in contact as much and friends or family are unable to visit so often.

Being touched releases endorphins, the feel-good hormone, this enhances wellbeing and is beneficial to our health. Studies show reassuring touch through massage with aromatherapy improves mood, reduces stress, increases circulation and is comforting, making us feel valued.

With a push to reduce medication and introduce more tried, tested and trusted natural intervention to reduce anxiety and enhance wellbeing, more Aged Care groups are finally recognising the value of massage as a highly beneficial natural alternative. A two for one natural therapeutic intervention, touch from just a 5-minute hand massage can improve the mood of someone who simply needs a mood lift or is feeling the overwhelming effects associated with dementia. 

Two for one bonus, with the use of touch using products such as hydrating cream and skin repair can improve skin integrity at the same time! Skin tears account for many of the wound types in the elderly. People living in residential aged care facilities may also suffer from pressure wounds, leg ulcers or skin tears at any one time.

17 years working in the Aged Care Sector has shown us that increasing skin integrity is vital for improving a person’s physiological and psychological wellbeing, including fewer skin tears, less inflammation, reduced pain and improved mood.


Contact us to learn how you can help nurture connectiveness and improve skin integrity for your loved ones or Aged Care residents.

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