Health Care Providers Collection

The Health Care Provider Collection comprises Aromacare’s premium quality essential oil blends and aromatherapy products designed specifically to meet the needs of older people, people who are unwell and people receiving palliative care. The collection includes a significant range of skin care products to repair damaged skin, increase hydration and maintain integrity; massage oils to reduce muscle tension, relax and relieve joint pain  and essential oil blends to reduce anxiety, enhance mood and promote wellbeing. 

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The In-Care Program delivers structured aromatherapy services to clients in health care facilities.  These services are of the highest professional quality, delivered in accordance with the International Aromatherapy & Aromatic Medicine Association standards using premium quality Aromacare products in aromatherapy treatments.

In response to identifying individual clients’ emerging health status, needs, and wants, the Aromatherapy In-Care Program employs the professional knowledge, skills and experience of qualified aromatherapists in preparing and implementing written aromatherapy care plans and supporting direct care staff in providing aromatherapy.

The essential oil pharmacopoeia is extensive and knowledge of individual oils and oil combinations, treatment indications, contraindications and therapeutic effects lies at the heart of professional aromatherapy practice. This knowledge, together with the use of various modalities, especially massage, the quality of therapeutic communications and the creation of a healing environment are significant contributors to therapeutic success and client safety. These features distinguish Aromacare’s Aromatherapy In-Care Program.


The Aromatherapy In-Care Program provides flexible options to suit the particular needs of aged care groups, health care facilities and community services. These services are specially tailored and may include individual visits to people in their own homes, group aromatherapy sessions for residents and staff wellbeing aromatherapy massages as well as the use of face sprays, essential oil inhalation and relaxation techniques.

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Depending on the chosen options, the work of your direct care staff will heighten the success of implementing the In-Care Program. Our aromatherapists provide supportive training about the program and aromatherapy’s benefits, effective essential oil combinations and applications as well as teach appropriate techniques, contraindications, essential oil storage and safety precautions.


As part of all In-Care Programs our aromatherapists are always available and provide ongoing consultation and support for staff in relation to the management of clients’ aromatherapy care.