Our Story

We believe many Australians could benefit from Aromatherapy. We know this from our personal experience with essential oils and the fact people participating in our successful programs have shown such positive responses to aromatherapy.

Aromacare supports those interested by promoting a better understanding of the uses of aromatherapy at home or work, and its value in managing a variety of health concerns.  Keep up to date with this information by subscribing to our facebook page

Aromacare was first established by Rosemary Lamb in 2003.  She completed a Graduate Diploma in Healing Therapies and a Diploma of Holistic Aromatherapy and experienced the powerful health benefits of essential oils and natural products.  Rosemary identified the need for structured and effectively managed aromatherapy and created the industry recognised Aromacare In-Care program which is now active in multiple health care facilities across Australia.