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This all-purpose collection of aromatherapy products includes a variety of valued products specifically designed for use across all locations within aged care facilities.  It means you have the aromatherapy essentials to hand to support residents daily including Lifestyle programs, enhancing residents and staff's wellbeing and helping settle residents in the evening. An essential oil blend diffusing into the air, gentle music playing and a hand, back or foot massage can all do wonders to soothe and uplift moods and enhance wellbeing. 

The price of our Aged Care Starter Kit includes a 15% discount on the retail value of the products.

Aromatherapy Education Session Add an Aromatherapy Education Session to your kit purchase. Providing practical training for your care team put aromatherapy into practice. With the assistance of a qualified aromatherapist, staff recognise when to use and how to apply effective therapeutic interventions when providing care to people. Conditions apply, see below.


The kit will be packaged in a lidded plastic container

8 x 10ml Essential Oil blends:

  • Bush Garden
  • Cool Soul
  • Elation
  • Great Expectation
  • Lemon Sent
  • Stress-Reducing
  • Sunrise
  • Woodlands

 4 x 120g Creams:

  • Essence Body Cream
  • Rose Hand Cream
  • Skin Repair Cream
  • Moisture Plus Hydrating Cream

1 x 250ml Refreshing Massage Oil

 2 x 250ml Aromatic Sprays:

  •  Geranium
  •  Cedarwood, Lemon Scented Tea Tree & Eucalyptus 

1 x Aromacare Aroma Diffuser

Aromatherapy Education Conditions: The face-to-face per session price is for a maximum of 15 participants conducted within metropolitan Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane. Zoom sessions are also available. Increased numbers of students or travel costs to regional and rural areas are a matter for negotiation and a payment additional to the package price may be required. To book your session please contact us by calling 03) 9572 4791 or 0417 227 745

*Freight shown is an estimate, we may contact you at time of dispatch with an accurate freight charge that will be applied to your account.