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This pure blend of citrus essential oils stimulate a person's suppressed appetite. Loss of appetite is a common problem in older people and the oils have been specifically selected for their known abilities to simulate the brain's appetite centre in the Hypothalamus and uplift mood, as a result food becomes more appealing. 

How to use:

  • Place 6-8 drops to a diffuser prior to and at meal times
  • Aromatic face cloths infused with this blend are particularly successful in Aged Care facilities. Warmed towels, provided to residents prior to meals, are pleasurable, functional and have the added benefit of ensuring sound hand hygiene

Hot Towel Cabinets are the most effective way of warming the Aromatic face towels and are available to purchase Hot towel Cabinet.

A qualified aromatherapist is available and will provide advice regarding the use of this product and the procedure for using aromatic face towels at any time just call +61 3 9572 4791 or 0417 227 745