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This collection of aromatherapy products is specifically designed for use in aged care and other health care facilities. You will have everything at hand to provide aromatherapy to residents experiencing emotional or physical pain.

The therapeutic effects of the essential oils and massage promote an overall sense of well-being and have psychological and physiological benefits including:

  • Reduced muscle tension, joint pain and general body soreness
  • Increased oxygen and nutrient supply to body tissues
  • Increased lymphatic and venous circulation
  • Stimulation of the body's natural immune responses
  • Reduced depression and uplifts mood
  • Relief of anxiety

Most importantly the touch of massage, using beautiful, aromatic essential oils, is something most of us find very pleasurable.


  • Sore Joints Massage Oil 500ml
  • Muscle and Body Massage Oil 500ml
  • Uplifting Massage Oil 500ml
  • Stress Reducing Pure Essential Oil 20ml

A qualified aromatherapist is available and will provide advice regarding the use of the essential oil blends,products and techniques at any time - just call +61 3 9572 4791 or 0417 227 745

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