An introduction to the Chakras

The word Chakra comes from the ancient Indian language known as Sanskrit. Translated to English chakra means “vortex” or spinning wheel.  The chakras or spinning wheels are the subtle energy centres of the body and are located in regions of the body where nerves collect and electrical activity is high.  These energy centres balance, store and distribute energy throughout the physical and subtle body.   The subtle body refers to our non-physical body often thought of as our soul, spirit or energetic wellbeing.  The chakras cannot be palpated or detected by visual sight but can be correlated to psychological, emotional, mental and physical qualities.

The 7 main chakras start at the base of the spine and move upwards to the last one at the crown of the head. They coincide with the positions along the spinal cord of the major nerve ganglia in our physical body, for example the solar and sacral plexus.  Each chakra has its own colour and vibrational frequency and they all influence one another, energising and connecting the physical and subtle bodies in ways that affect the emotional, spiritual and physical health of the body.

What Is Chakra Balancing?

The chakras receive and store information and may become blocked by life’s challenges through the activity of the autonomic nervous system.  For example, a person who has low self-esteem may take up a defensive posture with head  always down and shoulders hunched over blocking energy flow to the four upper chakras.  A blockage in one or more chakra may manifest as an emotional, physical or spiritual ailment.

When a chakra is not performing correctly there are many ways to realign, unblock or balance the chakra.  Practices such as aromatherapy, meditation, massage, yoga, crystals, sound healing and reiki are all known to help restore chakra balance. 

Regardless of the practice used, being aware of the chakra system, the chakra functions and how they affect wellbeing is of great value in supporting your health.

Looking to enhance your wellbeing and health?

When properly balanced each of the 7 Chakras work together to create optimal wellbeing.

If you are like most of us your energetic subtle body could use some help.  In the following links the theory behind each chakra is explained and various tools are suggested to balance each chakra.

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown Chakra