Aromatherapy For Pain

Spotlight on Aromatherapy and Pain Management

Managing pain remains one of the biggest challenges in the aged care setting, with chronic disabling pain affecting many people.  In 2012, the Department of Health & Ageing reported 92% of people took at least one analgesic medication daily.

Our experience shows that Aromatherapy offers a significant way forward in managing pain relief. 

Aromatherapy helps relieve pain on two levels, physically by acting directly at the site of pain and neurologically in mediating the person’s pain response, and emotional factors play a key role here.

This is how aromatherapy works to mediate the pain response:


Many essential oils have analgesic, anti-spasmodic and/or anti-inflammatory properties which relieve or lessen pain when applied to the affected area using a carrier massage oil.

An aromatherapy massage adds the therapeutic power of touch.  The therapeutic effects of the essential oils and massage promote an overall sense of wellbeing and have psychological and physiological benefits which include:

  • Reduced muscle tension and joint pain
  • Enhanced lymphatic drainage relieving pain associated with fluid retention
  • Stimulation of the body’s natural immune responses
  • Increased oxygen and nutrient supply to body tissues
  • Reduced depression and uplifts mood
  • Relief of anxiety

Most importantly the touch of massage, using beautiful, aromatic essential oils, is something most of us find very pleasurable.

Aromatherapy Products for Pain Relief:

Pain Type


  Essential oil therapeutic actions

Arthritic & Rheumatic Pain

Sore Joints Massage and Body Oil

The pure essential oils in this product have  rubefacient, analgesic and anti-inflammatory therapeutic actions

Muscle Pain

Muscle and Body Massage and Body Oil

The pure essential oils  in this product have rubefacient, analgesic, anti-inflammatory therapeutic actions reducing muscle tension, spams and inducing muscle relaxation

Emotional Pain

Uplifting Massage and Body Oil

Stress Reducing Pure Essential Oil Blend

The pure essential oils used in these products reduce emotional distress and promote a general sense of well-being, calming and soothing of the mind, reducing nervous tension, uplifting the mood and reducing feelings of depression


A qualified aromatherapist is available and will provide advice regarding the use of the essential oil blends,products and techniques at any time – just call +61 3 9572 4791 or 0417 227 745