Over the coming months we will introduce you to Aromacares Top 10 Practices for Aromatherapy in Aged Care.

These are the practices where we have seen benefits to staff and most importantly to the residents in Aged and Community Care homes.

To kick off our top 10 ten series Aromacare would like to introduce you to Sensory Towels for Appetite Stimulation and personal hygiene.

 Our senses are all closely linked so it’s not a surprise that our sense of smell can have an effect on our appetite.   We all know that a person’s sense of smell generally declines with older age and this condition is known as presbyosmia and is not preventable. Some other contributing factors to appetite loss in the Aged Care setting include dementia, nasal congestion, anxiety and depression.

 Our experience shows that Aromatherapy offers a significant way forward in increasing appetite that results from the above contributing factors.  A number of our clients in the Aged care industry have implemented the use aromatic face cloths using Aromacares Appetite stimulating products and our recommended process, seeing positive results including:

  • Improved interaction between residents, staff and family members
  • Improved hand hygiene prior to meal times
  • A fresh and uplifting environment
  • Mood enhancement amongst residents
  • A reduction of food returning to the kitchen due to increased appetites

  • So it just made sense that this practice made our Top Ten!

    There are a number of ways you can introduce aromatherapy to stimulate appetite in the Aged Care setting yet our favourite by far is using warmed aromatic face cloths.  Not only is this an effective way to stimulate appetite and uplift mood but it also provides a pleasurable, luxurious approach to hygiene prior to eating.   

    The pure essential oils chosen for Aromacare's Appetite Stimulating products have been specifically selected for their known abilities to simulate the salivary glands in readiness for meal time and their uplifting whilst calming therapeutic effect. 

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