Managing Dementia Behaviors with Aromatherapy

As part of Aromacare’s Top 10 practices for Aromatherapy in Aged Care we would like to introduce you to:   

Managing Dementia Behaviors with Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is especially effective with people who have dementia.  A great deal is achieved in a relaxed environment when exposed to the therapeutic aromatics of essential oils, massage and music.  Anxiety, agitation and wandering behaviors lessen and marked improvements occur in speech, communication, concentration and agreeableness.
Importantly, from the point of view of the budget bottom line, aromatherapy is a cost-effective therapeutic dementia intervention.

15 years working in the aged care sector has shown us that 2 of the best aromatherapy practices for people with dementia are: 

This physical contact generates emotional comfort and strengthens human connection, something which is particularly valuable in advanced dementia where conversation is limited. 10 -15 minutes is all it takes using Aromacare’s Relaxing or Calming Massage oils.  

Using the diffuser morning and afternoon

6-8 drops of an anxiety-reducing essential oil blend works wonders. Care staff have reported this simple, easy intervention quickly improves the collective mood of people in dining and sitting rooms.  Aromacare’s Sunrise, Sunset and Calming pure essential oil blends are just three of the essential oil blends which induce relaxation.

Featured Products For Managing Dementia Behaviours

Our Sundowner Kit is specifically designed for use in health care facilities.  It means you have everything to hand to support residents in the late afternoon and early evening.   Products can also be purchased individually via our website. Call us to find out more on 03 9572 4791

Not only does this rich, moisturising cream help improve and maintain skin integrity, the Lavender essential oil has diverse therapeutic actions which soothe, calm and balance emotions. Our experience has shown that Lavender Hand Cream is of benefit in reducing agitation and wandering in people with dementia.

This centreing blend will calm anxiety and reduce agitation, helping to balance emotions.
Ingredients: Lavender, Rosewood, Sandalwood

Other effective products for aged care service providers