Improve sleep quality with Aromatherapy

Let Aromacare help you support your residents to sleep naturally 

Improving sleep quality with Aromatherapy

Several research studies illustrate the benefits of using aromatherapy as part of a sleep improvement plan for people who have insomnia or difficulty sleeping.  Some of the improvements demonstrated in these studies include:

  • Reduced settling time to sleep
  • Less wakeful episodes
  • Increase in total sleep time
  • Improved sleep patterns in people experiencing distress
  • Improved daytime alertness and concentration 

16 years working in the Aged Care Sector has shown us that the best sleep programs include:

An evening massage to the muscles and joints

Massage muscles and joints in a circular motion for 5-10 minutes prior to bed using either Aromacare's Night time or Relaxation Massage and Body oil. The physical contact and essential oils warm, comfort and relieve soreness promoting muscle relaxation

Using an aromatic diffuser in the evening
Apply 6 drops of Sleep Well or Night time Essential Oil Blend in an Aromatherapy Diffuser . 
The essential oils chosen in these blends are all known to improve sleep quality by acting therapeutically on the brain's sleep centre inducing relaxation and sleep..
The beauty of using an Aromacare diffuser is the essential oils are not heated, this means you get the full aromatic intensity from every drop.  

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Featured Products for Improving Sleep Quality

Sleep Well Essential Oil Blend

Ideal for Relaxing into rest & sleep

The pure essential oils used in this blend reduce emotional distress and relax the mind in readiness for sleep. 

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Night Time Massage and Body Oil 

Ideal for Relaxing the body and mind in preparation for sleep

The essential oils chosen for this massage and body oil  soothe the mind and body in readiness for sleep. 

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