Aged Care residents and staff have increased exposure to respiratory droplet infection from influenza. While some states have introduced mandatory influenza vaccinations for staff and visitors to aged care homes, not all have. Therefore it is vital to protect your residents and staff from airborne infections like influenza. 

Influenza puts vulnerable older people seriously at risk of severe illness and death. And all respiratory infections make us very miserable.

Essential oils have scientifically-proven anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties. Used effectively, these oils limit the spread of respiratory infections by tackling viruses and bacteria in airborne droplets.

They also help manage a range of debilitating respiratory symptoms.

Aromacare's Essential Oil Blends help to

  • Reduce airborne infection by diffusing antiseptic essential oils into the infected resident's immediate environment and into public places such as reception and dining rooms
  • Ease coughing and loosen troublesome mucus through the anti-inflammatory and expectorant therapeutic actions of essential oils via a diffuser or tissue
  • Lessen the pain associated with respiratory tract inflammation and swollen tissues through the analgesic properties of essential oils via a massage

Aromacare's Infection Survival Solutions

Colds & Coughs Aromatherapy Kit

Ideal for Reducing airborne infection, relieving inflammation and soothing sore airways

This collection of aromatherapy products is specifically designed to reduce airborne the immediate environment and relieve residents debilitating chest and head symptoms, increase comfort and enable easier breathing.  

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Respiratory Essential Oil Blend

Ideal for Reducing airborne infection and soothing sore airways

Use this blend in a diffuser or steam inhaler to reduce airborne infection, reduce respiratory inflammation and ease breathing. 

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Breathe Easy Pure Essential Oil Blend

Ideal for soothing inflamed airways

A certified, organic blend and that works to soothe and cool inflamed airways.

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Respiratory Balm

Ideal for soothing sore chest muscles and inflamed airways

A massage with this cooling balm will soothe sore chest muscles and inflamed airways. 

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An education session for care staff delivered by a qualified aromatherapist will support your care team by providing the fundamental knowledge required to provide aromatherapy for those in living in Aged Care homes.

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