Improving wellbeing with aromatherapy – Part 2

Supporting Wellbeing – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we looked at the physical and emotional dimensions of wellbeing. This article delves into 2 more dimensions, [1] how we can develop them and natural therapy’s role in this.

Occupational wellbeing

This dimension’s focus is on our working lives. The aim is to feel that we are sharing our skills and talents during our working time, thus feeling a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. One aspect which can help us achieve this is to find occupations which complement our areas of enjoyment and ability.

We can consider our occupational wellbeing to be successful if we are motivated, inspired and challenged at work, we work alongside others and have opportunities to communicate, and we feel we have accomplished something at the end of the day.

Obviously, the job we would most love to do may not always be achievable, but there are ways to boost our positivity at work and make the best of our current situation. This could include increasing the challenge we feel by offering to take on different tasks which might be unfamiliar to us, or by completing a new training course.

Staying physically well also increases our positivity towards work. If we feel ill, we can be less productive and may find stressful situations harder to deal with.

Maintaining a healthy work / life balance helps us enjoy work more as we don’t feel our precious down time is being encroached on.

Social wellbeing

Taking the time to contribute to our community through positive interactions is the focus of this wellbeing dimension. Social wellbeing encourages stability and peace with those around us and a sense of belonging in the world.

Communicating effectively with others is important and there are a range of benefits to having meaningful social interactions. We feel happier with life when we have friends around us with whom we can hold trusting conversations. These relationships increase self-esteem and expand our ability to manage stress.

Even just a quick interaction with someone we don’t know while out and about can encourage us to feel connected. It reduces loneliness, improves mood and can help develop trust in others. Who knows? The next person you chat to might become your new best friend!

Some ways to develop social wellbeing are:

  • Take the time to connect with loved ones and nurture relationships.
  • Remember the importance of listening as well as talking during a conversation.
  • Join a group and start a new hobby.
  • Take part in community events.

How can natural therapies help improve wellbeing?

Through skin absorption or inhaling essential oils, we can enjoy the benefits of natural healing. The use of aromas has been employed for centuries to promote wellness and there are a range of essential oils which can boost our wellbeing. 

Encourage positivity

Citrus essential oils can lift the mood and encourage positivity. Along with bergamot, the scent of orange and tangerine in this blend will revitalise while also lightly moisturising skin.


Strengthen communication

This throat chakra blend can improve communication and self-expression.

Fight winter colds

Ease colds and coughs with this blend of essential oils, including eucalyptus, lemon and peppermint.


With our Colds and Coughs Kit, you can quickly access a range of essential oils and balms as well as a diffuser to help relieve symptoms.




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