Improving wellbeing with aromatherapy - Part 3

Supporting Wellbeing – Part 3

We’ve already covered physical, emotional, occupational and social wellbeing in the previous two parts of this series. Here, we’ll tackle intellectual and spiritual wellbeing to complete our delve into the six dimensions.

Intellectual wellbeing

Being intellectually well refers to expanding our knowledge and skills and sharing these talents. It means we can make decisions based on what we know to be true rather than simply following the lead of others.

Thinking critically and logically, and analysing and solving problems are just some of the benefits of being a lifelong learner. Intellectual wellness improves focus as we more easily avoid distractions, so we can feel organised and be more efficient in getting things done.

As we become more curious about the world, we strive to challenge your brain, giving us a sense of achievement and broadening our outlook. And the more we work our brains, the more connections are made making further learning easier and keeping our brains young.

How can you improve Intellectual Wellbeing?

  1. Read

Magazines, newspapers, ebooks, there is so much out there to read!

If you no longer hold a library card, maybe it’s time to rejoin. With all the new releases, digital books and reference materials, there’s sure to be a range of books you’d enjoy.

Download one to your tablet or e-reader to take out and about. And try to expand the types of books you usually go for to give an extra challenge.

  1. Try something new

Maybe there’s a class you’d love to take and have been putting off joining.

Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone can be hard but taking a deep breath and giving it a go could open up all sorts of new passions and your brain will love you for it.

Learn a new language, take an art/exercise class, go somewhere new – the possibilities are endless.

  1. Sleep

Our brains restore themselves when we sleep, making them ready to work at their best the next day. Having quality sleep allows the brain to sweep out the connections it doesn’t need and encourages cell growth, improving thinking and our memory.

Make your bedroom into a haven for sleep, switch off devices and avoid alcohol and caffeine at the end of the day. Try and set a winding down routine so your body understands when to prepare itself for sleep.

Spiritual wellbeing

The final dimension of wellness focuses on our need to have a purpose and a meaning in being alive. When we are spiritually well, we feel happier, more able to cope with daily stresses and are in more control of our lives.

It involves having values, morals and beliefs that guide us in our actions. We want to bring positivity to the world and form connections with those around us.

With spiritual wellness, we are calmer, physically healthier and enjoy more meaningful relationships.

Here are a few ways you can improve Spiritual Wellness:

  1. Volunteer

Working with others in a cause that is important to you not only connects you with like-minded people but also gives a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Consider what your interests are – it might be to work with animals, mentor a young person or help out at a food bank – and get involved.

  1. Yoga

By reducing physical and emotional strains on your body, yoga can improve spiritual wellness. Promoting calm, a stronger immune system, improving bone health and sleep are just some of the possible benefits of practicing yoga.

Get in touch with your local class and give it a try.

  1. Spend time in nature

Appreciating our surroundings and nature’s beauty enhances spiritual wellbeing. It allows us to press the reset button in our mind and can help us disconnect from the stresses of our lives. 

Spend time in the garden, meditate under a tree, go for a walk in the trees, take up nature photography. Relish the beauty of the world and allow it to lift you up.

How can natural therapies help improve wellbeing?

Increase spiritual connection

The Crown Chakra is related to our ability to connect ourselves to our higher self through energy and enlightened thought.

Promote sleep

The soothing aroma of this blend of lavender, Roman chamomile and sweet marjoram will relax your mind and help soothe you into a restful sleep.

Increase intellectual focus

Sharpen your mind and increase your concentration with the Lemon Sent essential oil blend.


Relax in nature

Indulge in the enchanting aroma of flowers with this massage and body oil.

Contact Aromacare’s experienced team if you have questions relating to this article or other concerns. We love hearing from you and can help guide you in the healing powers of natural therapies.

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