Throat Chakra

The throat chakra is the fifth of seven chakras. This chakra is the centre of communication, self-expression and creativity through speech, singing, writing and art.  

This chakra represents a space that accommodates the other elements, when the lower chakras are balanced and the heart chakra open, we can find more balance and ease in our lives.  Via the throat sound is expressed and is not only heard with our ears but the vibrations can also be felt in our bodies.

The throat chakra in sanskrit is known as Vishuddha which means which means ‘purification’.

Color: Bright Blue

Throat chakra location:  At the throat level.

Body parts effected:  The throat chakra corresponds with the pharyngeal and brachial plexi and is connected to the mouth, jaw, tongue and pharynx. The gland associated with this chakra is the thyroid which regulates metabolic processes including growth and energy expenditure.

Balanced characteristics of the throat chakra

  • Being able to share the truth as it is experienced
  • Clear and effective communication
  • Being able to listen and empathise
  • Expression with creativity
  • Able to find the balance of breath more easily (even inhale & exhale)
  • Realise your life’s purpose

Imbalanced throat chakra and its effects

When the throat chakra is blocked or out of balance you may experience:

  • When in excess, speaking too much or inappropriately.
  • Inability to listen
  • Fear of speaking, talking with a quiet and weak voice.
  • Difficulty expressing feelings
  • Often unable to share the truth
  • Problems associated with the neck area including sore throats and colds.

 Balancing & opening the throat chakra

By strengthening this chakra you will be able to enhance your creativity, express and communicate with confidence. There are many ways to strengthen and balance your throat chakra. For example:

  • Choose your favourite song, turn it up and sing loudly
  • Try and find the root cause for the imbalance through talking in therapy or with someone you trust.
  • Make sounds like whistling, chanting or humming to draw creative & healthy energy to your through chakra.
  • Laugh! Have a laughing competition with the kids or your buddies, you could even try laughter yoga.
  • Yoga that draws awareness and releases muslcles in the region of the throat and neck are of most benefit to open and awaken the throat chakra. 
  • Aromatherapy

Pure essential oils such as Basil, Bergamot, Chamomile, Cypress, Juniper, Peppermint and Sandalwood promote a sense of calm, strength and enable the truth to be spoken.

Helpful affirmations:

  • I speak the truth with comfort and ease, what I say is worthy of being listened to.
  • I release all tension and express who I am

Music for the throat chakra:

Chant prior or following your yoga practice, sing, whistle and hum. Use your pipes!

The mantra sound that corresponds with the throat chakra is Hum. Chanting the sound of Hum will help to open and strengthen this chakra.  


Colors and gemstones such as Lapis, blue lace agate, aquarmarine and blue kyanite are believed to assist the Throat Chakra into balance.

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